Northshore Online Academy Program

We are now enrolling for the 2023-2024 School Year! 


Two students sitting at desks in their home, both with laptops and headphones
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If you need an individualized, unique, and flexible way to learn - Join us next school year!

Our Northshore School District School Teachers provide a caring and supportive environment to meet your individual needs.


Additionally, families must fill out a Choice Transfer Request (Out of District Students) or an In District Waiver (In District Students).  These are a requirement for enrollment in the Northshore School District.


Visit the NSD Enrollment Page



“Mr. Nitta was absolutely amazing! Both my kids not only picked up math concepts easily, they applied the concepts in daily life and retained about 90% of the information. This is a fantastic method for learning math, especially with those of us grown ups who didn't learn Common Core math. Hearing the way Mr. Nitta teaches, I can parallel the same terminology and applied approach at home with our supplemental learning. We especially appreciate how Mr. Nitta takes the time to leave audio feedback for our 1st graders with their tests and assignments for a more integrated learning experience. “

“We truly value the flexibility of schedule NOA provides.  Our family activities do not have to work around the time constraints of traditional school, instead, it is the other way around.  Coupled with the great instructors and less frequency of illness for the entire family, our quality of life has greatly benefited.”

“NOA has helped my child to be a successful student again. Anxiety was keeping him from being his best in a traditional classroom setting. While it is more work for me having him home every day, it’s worth it seeing him light up as he’s progressing with his learning and able to actually complete his work. The teachers do a great job of engaging the students even though they are not there in person. We’re very happy with our decision to move out of the traditional classroom.”

“The staff was very helpful, the curriculum was well paced out. Kudos to Mr.Toth and Mr.Nitta who have done an amazing job teaching the lessons.”



"I like NOA because it's much easier to take in information when you're not being rushed in an in person class. With online courses, I'm able to take my time with my notes which enables me to do better."

"NOA has helped me accomplish my goals as an athlete while making sure I am doing well in school. Overall, NOA is amazing as it allows you to take responsibility of your school and attack your goals."

"Northshore Online Academy is an amazing program that lets you work at your own pace and work in your own schedule. There are many courses to choose from and the mentors are super helpful in answering all your questions."




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