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Northshore Networks

Students who attend Northshore Networks experience a high level of teacher support and learning focused on student readiness, talent, interest and personal responsibility.

Grades 7-12

  • Family Management of Learning fully guided by a certificated teacher
  • Combination of on-site classes and independent learning with the support of a certificated teacher
  • Northshore School District Curriculum (textbooks and materials) provided for students and families
  • Individualized and Personalized Education Model
  • Students attend classes 2-3x/wk for core content instruction, complete remaining work at home
  • Teacher completes WSLP entry monthly
  • Graded subjects fulfill WA State standards & NSD graduation requirements
  • Access to IEP services, Counselor and other
  • Small class sizes

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Northshore Family Partnership

The Northshore Family Partnership aims to establish an inclusive, supportive community of families that seek an alternative model for learning for their children where parents serve as the primary educators. 

Grades  K-8

  • Families are the facilitators of learning with the guidance of a certificated teacher
  • Assigned a certificated teacher advisor who assists in your educational plan and offers resources
  • Individualized and Personalized Education Model -> choose your own curriculum / method of instruction.
  • Opportunities for students to attend supplemental enrichment classes on-site (Arts, Book Clubs, Science, Outdoor Ed., P.E., Coding, Kindergarten, Minecraft, Lego, History, Crafts, Geography, etc.)
  • Family contributes monthly summary of learning to the WSLP
  • Access to district curriculum to use, NFP purchased curriculum to borrow, school library, IEP Services
  • Students move through materials at their own pace and focus on topics of interest
  • Small class sizes, max 12 students

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Northshore Online Academy

The Northshore Online Academy is a program for families who choose to learn in an online environment. This program  provides an online learning format for students that is coordinated and taught by Northshore School District teachers and in conjunction with Edgenuity (secondary only).

Grades 1-12

  • Elementary: Learning is guided by a certificated teacher during synchronous or asynchronous sessions, with assigned asynchronous work
  • Secondary: Students utilize educational software paired with the support of a mentor teacher
  • On-site activities such as state testing and intervention support required
  • Elementary:
    • Monthly materials pick-up required
    • Synchronous whole groups sessions 4 days a week
    • Small group and 1:1 online sessions
  • Secondary:
    • Imagine Edgenuity software
    • Weekly online mentor meetings
    • Opportunities to participate in study halls, online social activities, and academic study groups
    • Mastery Based Curriculum

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